October 19, 2008


What’s That Smell? has “Boogies” and you can win some for yourself! Visit the What’s That Smell? Boogie Wipes Giveaway to enter to win (2) 30 count packages of Boogie Wipes, one in Fresh Scent and one in Great Grape Scent. Because boogies are no fun but Boogie Wipes are “Gentle Saline Wipes for Little Noses.”

The answer to What’s That Smell? might be diapers and you can win one! Visit the What’s That Smell? Mother-ease reusable diaper giveaway to enter to win 1 Sandy’s x-small cloth diaper, 1 Sandy’s Liner and 1 Air Flow Cover by Mother-ease. Reusable diapers help the environment and Mother-ease diapers are even made using 100% green power!


  1. Thanks for blogging about the giveaways and good luck!

  2. Hey Donna, you won my Pak Nak contest. Send me an email with your email addy so I can forward it over to Pak Nak! Congrats!