August 29, 2011

Supernatural: Season 6 on DVD

The brothers Winchester face a short separation from the end of Season 5 and the beginning of Season 6. Dean lives with a woman and is raising a child, and Sam is still hunting. The two brothers re-unite again and immediately get down to their old demon fighting tricks.

I was asked "What's the longest separation you've had with your sibling or best friend? What was the first thing you did when you were re-united?"
I guess the longest was approximately 6 months. When I saw my sister we hugged, and then it was like we were never apart.

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Nikita Season 1 on DVD

“The Division” recruits troubled youth, erase their background and shapes them into spies and assassins. I was asked "If given the chance, would you neglect your current life for one of globe trotting spy work if it meant you would have to cut all ties with everyone in your life?"

I wouldn't do it. I would miss my children and my family too much. It would be cool to do the job if I were younger and didn't have kids, but even then I would not want to cut ties with my family. How about you? Would you like to do it if you could?

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I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Nikita Season 1 on DVD.

August 23, 2011

Oregon Chai Twitter Party

Oregon Chai is hosting a Twitter party on Tuesday, August 30, from 7 to 8 p.m. Central Time. Twitter partygoers can expect tips for finding Me Time, decadent chai recipes and giveaways galore! They’ll also have the chance to virtually mingle with other chai-fanatics.

Prizes include an oversized, custom Oregon Chai tea mug, double-walled, acrylic iced chai tea cup and Oregon Chai Original Tea Latte Concentrate. One lucky participant will win a grandprize Kindle Wi-Fi! Follow @OregonChai and use hashtag #OregonChai to join in on the fun.

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August 22, 2011

Nikita Season One on DVD

In season one of this suspenseful series featuring international action star Maggie Q, the charming and deadly Nikita wages a war against Division, the agency that created her. Michael was the man who trained her. Now he is hunting her. But Nikita has an ace up her sleeve named Alex. She is a girl she had trained to infiltrate this secret unit of the government. This show is action packed!

There have been several moments throughout the show that Nikita has been judged solely on her looks, which is a huge mistake! Have you ever been in a situation where someone has judged you based on what you looked like? I have. I like to go shopping in jeans and a t-shirt. You can tell a lot about people based on how they treat you when they think you don't have much money. If a salesman treats me poorly when he thinks I don't have much money, he doesn't get my business.

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August 18, 2011

Preparing your Child for Back to School

As the first day of school approaches, parents and children alike begin to run the gamut of emotions: excitement, fear, anticipation, anxiety. For those who will be experiencing a child’s very first day of school, you may feel torn between the joy of leading your child through a momentous milestone and the sadness of knowing that your child is taking yet another step out from under your influence and protection. However, preparing your child for school can have the beneficial effects of soothing nerves and strengthening bonds. Here are a few ways to help you and your child transition easily into the next important step

Make a big deal out of gathering school supplies. Set aside time during the evening or weekend to focus on the needs of your student-to-be. If possible, arrange time alone to dig together through items you already have or to make a trip to a local store for a little back-to-school shopping.

•Celebrate the last hurrah of summer. Choose your favorite summer activity and make a point to say goodbye until next summer. Take some pictures of your child in front of a recognizable object, such as a tree in the front yard or the swing set in the back yard for an opportunity to see the dramatic progress and growth from summer to summer.
•Get into the academic mindset with an inspirational movie about life in school. There are flicks from every stage of learning. Talk about what you see in the movie that relates to students, teachers, homework, and school spirit.
•Begin a few weeks early to adopt the routine of a school day. Help children get back into the habit of early wakeup and early bedtime. Add some more structure to the day by assigning an activity/reading time. Everyone grabs some type of reading material or workbook and works quietly on their own.
•Give your child a proper sendoff. Whether it is a favorite activity, a party with family and friends, or a special dinner, let your child know how special each new stage of education is and how proud you are of his accomplishments
The start of the school year is a time to start fresh. Children wipe the slate clean of the previous year and begin anew. Communicate your expectations and offer your complete support as your child prepares to embark on her next great learning adventure.

Jennifer Tankersley is the creator of ListPlanIt where you can find over 400 lists and planning pages including a Back to School Planner, Homework Schedules, Calendars (all found in Student Planning) and many more.

August 13, 2011

Mom, Do You Want More Me Time?

By Aurelia Williams, author of Journey to Joy

Let’s see. You did the laundry, dropped the boys off at Karate and the girls at dance class, stopped at the grocery store for a few last minute dinner items...What’s missing? As you were taking care of everyone else all day long, did you remember to take care of yourself?

I know it can be hard to carve out space for you, since being a mom is a full time job, but taking care of yourself helps you have the strength and energy to keep taking care of everyone else, from your children to the snake your son left in the pocket of his dirty jeans. It's all part of what I teach my Journey to Joy students. It IS possible to find the time to get what you need done.

If trying to squeeze out a few more hours a day just for you seems impossible, why not try one of these ideas:

1. Don’t be afraid to start small. It’s better for you to take five minutes to read the funny pages or your favorite inspirational poem than it is to not take any time at all for you.

2. Get up twenty or thirty minutes earlier than usual and spend some time doing something you enjoy, such as reading the paper while you sip your coffee or meditating. By the time the children wake up, you will be ready to start your busy day.

3. Talk to the other moms at your children’s classes and find out if any of them live nearby. See if several of them are interested in forming a carpool, so you don’t have to make every trip to drop off and pick up the kids.

4. Find another mom who has children that get along well with your kids. Alternate babysitting services with her, so that you each have a few hours of free time every week to go to the gym or get your hair done. Don’t be tempted to do chores instead. You need this time for you and you won’t feel very rested and refreshed if you pick up the dry cleaning, do the grocery shopping, and run the car through the car wash instead of relaxing.

5. Delegate evening chores like setting the table, washing the dishes, and packing the next day’s lunch. If everyone does ten or fifteen minutes of work, you will have enough free time to soak in the tub or read a chapter of the newest best seller.

6. If you cook all of your family’s evening meals and always pack lunch for your children, don’t be afraid to give yourself a break once a week. Pizza every night may be unhealthy, but an occasional slice isn’t too unhealthy for the kids. Eating the occasional school lunch can actually be a fun treat for children, even if it doesn’t taste that great.

Finally, make sure your family realizes the importance of letting you find some time for yourself. Speak with your children about respecting your quiet time, whenever and however you manage to fit it into your day.

Next Steps:

For more help, instantly access your Journey To Joy tools, for more time a happier and more fulfilled life. This inspiring eBook with accompanying audio recordings, worksheets and easy-to-apply action steps shows you how to squeeze more time and happiness into every single day.

August 8, 2011

Getting Ready for Back to School

I can't believe it is time for school again. My kids had their back to school night tonight. Where did the summer go? I still had other things I wanted to do.

There are so many things to do to get ready for school. We have to buy school supplies, school clothes, gym clothes, and other things. It is also a good time to think about our kid's health.

10 Healthy Tips to Get Your Kids Ready for Back-to-School

1. Get the kids ready to get up early.
My kids love to stay up late at night and sleep in late. But I try to get them up earlier and earlier as it gets close to school so it is not as hard to get them up.

2. Get their eyes checked.
Did you know that an average of one in four children has an undetected vision problem, which can interfere with their ability to read and learn? Undiagnosed vision problems can cause learning difficulties in school age children. Visual learning accounts for 80 percent of the learning process during their first 12 years.

3. Get their school physicals.
School age kids don't necessarily need to see their doctor every year, but they do need to get occasional check ups to check their growth and to look for any silent problems. One thing the doctor does is listen for a heart murmur. That can indicate a heart problem that can lead to sudden death in athletes.

4. Get their teeth cleaned.
It is a good idea to get their teeth cleaned every 6 months. The dentist can find any cavities and repair them before they get too large.

5. Find out your child's BMI (Body Mass Index)
That will tell you if your child is normal weight or needs to lose or gain weight. Many kids are overweight. I have one that needs to gain weight.

6. Consider a daily multivitamin.
I think it is a good idea to take a daily multivitamin. Although I try, I know my kids don't always eat what they should all the time.

7. Plan any medicines needed for school.
Usually if your child has to take any medicine at school, they will need a separate bottle that will go to the nurse to dispense.

8. Get them to eat a healthy breakfast.
It is a good idea to get them started before school starts.

9. Get a good fitting pair of shoes.
I didn't think that much about it when I was a kid, but proper fitting shoes are important.

10. Talk to your child.
Ask them to talk about their fears or concerns. Hopefully, you can help.

These were some ideas for your child get a healthy start to the school year. I hope they help you.

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August 4, 2011

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