May 22, 2009

Chic&Cozy Blanket Bag

One of the popular products in the Chic Tots line is the Chic&Cozy Blanket Bag. Parents Magazine featured the Chic&Cozy in their June issue. The bag holds the child's toys and can be opened into a blanket. The Chic&Cozy Blanket Bag will be available at select Target stores around the country May 24th. Although I don't have one yet, it looks like a great product.

There is a site warming party tonight (5/22) at 9 PM EST. They are giving away some sice prizes. To check it out and enter, please click here.


  1. Hopping over from the Blog-A-Thon. I am trying to hit everyone this weekend!

    Have a wonderful three day weekend.

  2. Hi! I have an award for you here. Please pick it up when you have the time. See yah!

  3. Came from MBC follow me club. I love that bag. If my kids were still the age of needing a bag full of toys I would be buying it.