February 22, 2009

Big Bang Mini Review

We were selected to review a new game for Nintendo DS called big Bang Mini produced by SouthPeak Games. My kids really love it.

In Big Bang Mini the objective is to destroy wave upon wave of enemies which in turn lights up the night sky with bursts of colorful fireworks. Dodge enemy fire and debris while collecting stars using the stylus.

There is a tutorial where you can learn the basics of the game. Arcade is the main mode in Big Bang Mini, and features over 90 levels across 9 different worlds. In Challenge Mode you have one life to begin with, the player has to stay alive long enough to complete the Challenge Mode and attain the highest score possible. In Verses two players can face off using just one game cartridge and you can choose between three arenas. You can pick your favorite song for your alarm clock.

I want to thank SouthPeak Games for the opportunity to review this fun game. For more info click here. It is avaiable in many stores or you can get it online.

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