April 19, 2009

Entrecard Bloggers NOT Accepting EC Paid Ads

I am fairly new to entrecard. I like it because I have found alot of great blogs, and I got more followers by putting my card on different sites. But now there is a new system of paid ads that has caused quite a stir. I want to control who advertises on my site. Also I feel that anyone who advertises on my site should get the full ad exposure. Therefore, I only accept ads bought with entrecard credits.

The author at Inspired Political Discourse made a list of blogs that don't accept EC paid ads. I found several others that posted the same thing. Most of the blogs clearly posted it, but some posted on other sites that they don't accept EC paid ads. Some didn't have an EC slot. So this is the current list I have. If you have a blog that does not accept EC paid ads that you want listed, please let me know. If your blog is listed, and you feel it belongs in a different category, leave me a comment. Or if anyone finds a blog on this list that is accepting paid ads, I will remove them.

Entrecard Bloggers NOT Accepting EC Paid Ads:

Dogmaw Glass Blog
Joyarna Knitblog
Buy Tees
Silver Sachet

Margie and Edna's Basement
Comedy Plus

Men's Interest
It's a Man's World
Blogger and a Father

Game FreakZ

Mixed Bag
MtnGrl Musing
The Natural State Hawg
Rants, Thoughts, and Other Things
The Fearless Blog
Vicissitudes of Life
Not Always Charming
Duck & Wheel with String
Life According to Christopher
The World According to Sjeltur
On the Bricks
An Electricians Notes
I Love/Hate America
All the BS
More than Sew So
Gossip Avenue
Stacy's Madness
Grampy and You
Split Rock Ranch

My Quality Day

New Delema

News and Media
Puss Reboots
Insane Baltimore

Cats Who Twitter

Digital Polaroids
Grotto Girls Photoblog
Memories of You
Lifes Perfect Pictures

Caledonian Comment
Inspire Political Discourse
Politics 2000
The Exaggerator

Real Estate
Straight Shooting Real Estate

Symphony of Love

Sports 2000

Traveling suitcase
Karen's Road

Women’s Interests/ Mothers
Donna’s World
Stay At Home Mom
The Zoo Crew
Greetje Greets You
Laane on the World
On the Horizon
Deb Down Under
Healthy Wealthy Moms
Three Different Directions
Mummy Diaries
My Charmed Life
Fairy Blog Mother
Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife
Look What Mom Found
Sunflower Seeds
Pink Lemonade
Women Self Esteem
A Wrestling Addicted Mommy
Mom of 2
Autism Learning Felt
Look It's Megryans Mom
Hip 2 B Mom
Shannon Blogs Here

At Blog Back Time you can get a nice widget that says you don't accept paid EC ads. There are several to choose from. Just be sure to download it to your computer first.


  1. Mixed Bag; The World According to Sjeltur = www.sjeltur.nl

    Music; SightProject.com

  2. Hi Sjeltur. Thanks. I added your site.

  3. Thanks! I to do not accept paid ads BUT I noticed some appearing even tho I specifically reject them

    Here is my link

    Thanks for the add

  4. You have one of my sites listed http://mylinuxtoday.blogspot.com/ But I am not accepting paid ad's on my other as well,http://electriciannotes.blogspot.com/ My beliefs are much the same if I display someones badge from credits they earned by sitting here doing much the same as me clicking away I feel they deserve the display of the ad not the person whom paid EC.

  5. Thanks Donna, we are certainly appreciative of your listing us on your list. we have decided it's worth it to have the respect and clicks instead of the fake ranking. we have 10 days of ads on our widget right now and our price was dropped to 258 credits; incredible break for any of the folks who like BadGalsRadio.
    hit it now because May 1. we're out of entrecard.

  6. I am not accepting paid ads either. My category should be Travel. Thanks for making this list. I'll try to get the badge added, sometimes I have trouble with techy stuff like that, might sing out for your help if I do.


  7. Hi Donna. Can you include my blog? I just made the decision and have cancelled all paid ads on my blog. http://silversachet.blogspot.com and it can be in either fashion or jewelry category. I appreciate this!

    Thank you!

  8. What a great resource. Thanks for including me!

  9. I don't accept paid ads either. Joyarna Knitblog http://joyarna.blogspot.com

  10. Hi A Trivita Mom. I added your site. You can change your EC preferences. On your dashboard click the "Advert settings" and check the "Allow paid ads only if explicitly approved by you". That has worked for me. Thanks.

  11. Hi Sparky. I added your other blog. Thanks.

  12. Proudly not accepting ads. You know, if they had every inch of the dashboard bombarded with ads I would have supported them. But my ads are my own.

    My blogs (if you feel like adding them to the list):

    A Blogger and a Father--Parenting.


    Insane Baltimore--News and Media.

    All the BS--mixed.

  13. I am only accepting EC ads as well NO paid ads!

    http://threedifferentdirections.com - Parenting & family

  14. Hi Sandy. I added your blog to the list.
    http://travelingsuitcase.blogspot.com/ Thanks.

  15. Hi Miriam. I added your blog. Thanks.

  16. Hi Joy. I added your sites. Thanks.

  17. i think its great everyone is pulling together against the paid ads.

    I dont accept EC paid ads either. Could i add my 3 blogs? :)

    http://www.mummydiariesblog.com (Mummy Diaries in parenting/family catergory)

    http://www.gamefreakzblog.com (Game FreakZ in Gaming Catergory)

    http://www.gossipavenueblog.com (Gossip Avenue in Mixed Bag Catergory)


  18. Great to see so many people refusing to accept paid ads at Entrecard! I am also rejecting all paid ads at my arts blog http://paulbaines.co.uk/category/blog and my fashion blog at http://buy-tees.net

    What's more I have read that Gregory Mathews - a long term member of Entrecard is writing a new script to provide a credit based alternative to Entrecard.com - yippee! Take a look at what he said at


  19. Me neither!
    Category: Music

    Just so everyone knows,lol.

  20. Hi OM. I added your sites. Thanks.

  21. Hi Tammy. I added your blog.

  22. Thank you for adding us to your list. We are actually in the humor category. :)

  23. Hi Donna - I'd be thrilled if you would please consider adding my blog to your list (either under arts or mixed bag). I'm bummed about this whole thing and hope I don't have to leave EC because of it...but we'll see. Thanks for doing this!

  24. Thank you for adding me. I just saw their new Forum rules. These guys are getting more confrontational and angry. I'm afraid I don't see a future for EC as soon as something new comes out.

  25. I'm working my way through the list and added bookmarks for everyone but, am surprised at how many don't have the yellow duck in any form on their page. My question is, how are we to know they don't accept ads if they don't have that showing on their page? Guess I thought they were to ad that, you would check then add them to the list?

    Just want to be sure I understand.
    Thanks and have a great wkend

  26. Had some blog issues for awhile, just now getting back to working through. Under Music, New Delema sends error message address can't be found. Just thought you might want to check into it.

  27. Me again. Sorry, under News and Media, Bad Girls Radio doesn't have EC, they announced a few days ago it was being deleted. PUss and Reboots doesn't either.

    Wonder if the muscles in my right arm and hand are getting stronger from all the clicking. lol


  28. One more time...then really I'm done. Under photograph, Memories of You has a PAID ad on the blog. I ran my mouse over it...on the picture part and it says paid. It's one I've seen a ton today. Not the big boob one, the girl sitting on a sofa ad.


  29. Thanks Donna for starting this list and stopping by The Fearless Blog.

  30. Donna, I do not accept paid ads on Both my Blogs; under health and fitness(ready 2 get fit) http://ready2getfit.blogspot.com
    and under Lifesytles(At home with Auntie E) http://2good2bee.blogspot.com thanks for starting this list. sometimes It is hard to know if the site list Paid ads.

  31. I place a link to your list on both of my sites. If you do not want me to link please let me know. I have seen other list, but your is quite impressive. thanks

  32. Hello Donna,

    please add the Baby/Parenting-Blog to your NO PAID AD-List. Thanks for the list!

    Website + Blog Title: All about babies and kids

  33. HI!

    I just started a new list myself as a database, trying to help everyone consolidate EVERYONE'S list, I know its a big task ahead of me, so were all not going to 1,000 sites and start a MAIN DATABASE that will be posted forever of non EC paid ad's list that ANYONE can come to ANYTIME!

    I hope you will add this to your list / blog about it and Join my list :)



  34. Sorry it took me a while. I didn't add the ducky, but I did add a link to this post under my EC widgets. Thanks.

  35. Hi Donna
    Found another blog without a widget on the list. Healthy WEalthy Mom. I checked it yesterday and again today to be sure it wasn't just a oophs..

    Thought you'd want to update

  36. Hi!

    I was wondering if you'd like to add two of my sites into the list of "no paid ads please!" blogs?

    They are:
    Answers without, answers withinhttp://answerswithoutandwithin.today.com/
    [category: religion & spirituality]

    a malaysian abroadhttp://amalaysianabroad.today.com/
    [category: expat]

    Many thanks!

  37. I also don't accept EC paid ads because it lessens the value of the ec credits we pay for the ads we buy

  38. I don't accept paid EC ads either. :-) My topic would most likely be Women's Interests - http://kittencaboodle.today.com

  39. I don't accept paid ECs at either of my three blogs. Here are the links:

    Lipstick Election: http://www.lipstickelection.blogspot.com

    EX Marks the Spot:

    A is for Anecdotes, S is for Smiles:

  40. visit my blog:

  41. You've not posted in months, are you ok? I keep popping in and dropping and looking, but no new post since April?