September 22, 2009

Horizon Little Blends Contest

TwitterMoms has partnered with Horizon Little Blends for a new blog contest. The first 100 moms who blog about how they sneak fruits and vegitables into their child’s diet will win a Thermos snack jar and a coupon off Horizon’s new Little Blends yogurt as well as a second prize pack to give away to one of their readers. It ends on on 10/3, but they will likely get 100 entries soon.

I try to have fresh fruit and veggies available for a quick snack. That helps get my children to eat more fruits and veggies. Click here to enter and for more info.

1 comment:

  1. I saw this contest and I'm still having trouble sneaking it into two out of four of my children's diets. So I Skipped the contest. I have 2 that love veggies and two that run when I put them on the table