July 30, 2009

FuzziBunz Review

Do you cloth diaper? I was given 2 samples of FuzziBunz to try. They are very nice. The material is soft for baby's skin but feels durable. If you cloth diaper, you definitely need to try them.

The FuzziBunz One Size Pocket Diapers adjust to fit sizes from newborn to toddler.
The absorbable insert is hidden inside a pocket. Snaps adjust for the perfect fit. The waterproof outer layer is very soft and comes in a variety of colors. The legs have adjustable elastic. The fleece layer keeps baby dry.
FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diapers are similar but are sized.
Smalls from 0-6 months and Mediums from 6-36 months. Specialty sizes from XS, Petite and XL are also available for hard to fit or special needs children.
They are available at many retailers. You can click here to see a list.
The FuzziBunz site has alot of info about cloth diapering.
Thanks to the people at FuzziBunz for allowing me to review them.

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