July 12, 2010

Online School Solutions

I think school choice is very important. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to education. My children attend a Christian school, but it only continues to the 8th grade. Also, there have been some academic problems. For many reasons I have been exploring homeschool options. But I have some worries. What if I don't remember much about the subject? How could I teach it?

One good option is online learning. I recently found out about KC Distance Learning (KCDL). They have online learning options to fit various types of students and learning situations for grades 6 - 12.

I spent a few hours evaluating their programs. I liked the fact that students can enroll full time or just take one course. They have certified teachers that do the instruction online. They also offer ways for the kids to communicate with their peers online. One way is with the chat function.

Their programs aren't just for homeschoolers. Other reasons are the following:
Credit Recovery (to make up credits for graduation)
World Languages (to have more foreign language options)
Advanced Placement (AP)
AP Exam Review
Some schools use their online classes to supplement the traditional classes they offer.

To get more information go to http://www.blogger.com/www.onlineschoolsolutions.com, and then click on your state to find the KCDL online school serving your area.

To experience the curriculum offered by online learning, click on the following link - http://aventalearning.com/aventa-capabilities-demo. Once there, select the green button that says "view multi-media demo."

Students today are known as the "iGeneration". They have never known life without the Internet. It just makes sense to use the Internet to assist in their education.

I wrote this review through the MomSelect program, and they are to send me a gift card for my participation. The opinions are my own.

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