October 20, 2010

KT Tunstall Tiger Suit CD Review

Where does the time go? It seems like a short time ago I was a teenager, and listened to music all the time. Well, let's just say I am not a teenager anymore. :( It seems that I am too busy to listen to music much, and I don't get to hear new artists very often. I was happy when I was selected to review KT Tunstall's new release "Tiger Suit" by one2onenetwork.

KT is a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum, Scottish-born singer-songwriter

Tiger Suit was released October 5th and her rollicking first single "Fade Like A Shadow" is already a Top 20 hit at radio.

KT will be on tour this Fall (10/31-12/1)

KT's previous hit songs include - the Grammy-nominated "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree," "Suddenly I See," Other Side of the World" or "Hold On".

Song List:
1. Uummannaq Song
2. Glamour Puss
3. Push That Knot Away
4. Difficulty
5. Fade Like A Shadow
6. Lost
7. Golden Frames
8. Come On, Get In
9. (Still A) Weirdo
10. Madame Trudeaux
11. The Entertainer
You can listen to samples of the songs here.

Well, I have to say I liked it! The songs have a good rock beat, but not heavy metal. I would recommend it.

You can learn more about KT on her website. You can follow her on twitter or facebook.

I received the CD to facilitate my review. The review is my personal opinion. I did not receive any compensation, but I will be entered to win a gift card through One2One Network by participating.

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