July 27, 2011

My Kids' Sense of Style

Can you believe it? It is almost back to school time. Where has the summer gone? I believe that time passes quicker when you get older. It is hard to believe it is time for back to school shopping.

I remember the feeling of starting a new year at school. Armed with new clothes and new school supplies, it seemed like every year was a new beginning. I liked school, but for some kids it was a chance to get a fresh start.

The good thing is my kids love to go shopping for back to school clothes. The bad thing is my wallet doesn't love it. But, of course, I am always looking for sales. :)

Both of my kids are developing their own sense of style. It is very interesting to watch their individuality and uniqueness develop. But if they don't like an item, then I can forget it. They won't wear it! Are your kids like that? I am trying to relax and let them pick what they like. But they do have a dress code at school, and I won't let them wear anything that is offensive.

My daughter doesn't like things that look too "girly, girly". I like pink, but she avoids it like the plague. She loves the color green, so she picks many things in that color. She usually wears jeans or shorts. Amazingly, recently she found a green summer dress that she wanted. She looks pretty in that. She is getting a little more feminine with her choices in jewelry and fixing her hair. I have also noticed she has been experimenting with my make up. What will I do when she starts dating?

My son likes the color black. He is not "Goth" or anything, but he just likes that color. I have to encourage him to wear other colors. He likes some blues, green, and white. He also likes camo prints. He is not big into sports, so he doesn't want any T-shirts with sports on them except maybe skateboarding. He likes some different pendants and chains. When we were in Arizona, he got a pendant with a real, black scorpion inside. He has wanted one of those for several months.

Well, this was a little about my kids' developing sense of style. I try to empower them to express their individual style, while guiding them to appropriate choices. I would love to hear about your child's sense of style.

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