January 31, 2012

Planning and Creating your Garden

Planning and Creating your Garden

Author: Cristian Stan

We all love to have a creative and personalized atmosphere outside. If you have a patio or courtyard perhaps you are trying to find creative decorating ideas to give it a more relaxed and comfortable feeling. Regardless of the size of your home you can give it a high quality and look design to it while being within a budget.

Planning Your Garden
One of the first things you need to do is plan your garden. What do you want to get from your garden? Are you interested in growing fruits or vegetables or just having a flower garden? There are a number of options and you can even opt for growing herbs. Consider the space you are going to have set aside for your garden as this plays a huge role in what you grow or create.

Make sure it’s not going to be cluttered and free from things being in the way. You want it to be a garden and a centerpiece as well as a conversation piece. Consider sitting down in the area to see what kind of feel it gives and determine if you want it to be a place for dining as well as entertaining.

Are you interested in placing a fountain in your garden? If you do, you are going to need to get a professional involved for the plumbing of your fountain. Do you want wind chimes as well for light music when the wind blows?

Creating Your Small Garden
Once you have taken the time to think about what you want from your garden as well as the purpose it will have, it’s time to start building it. You need to consider what you are going to use to hold your plants in. Are you going to use porcelain or plastic pots? There are wooden ones as well as clay o cast iron planters to choose from to fit your garden’s appearance.

You want to determine the location for your plants as well as what plants you want. Make sure they are going to be in ideal growing conditions as some plants require more sun and others are not going to require much at all.

Consider the type of soil you want to have in your garden as well. You should use a soil that is going to provide for your plants. You need to keep your plants watered as well. There are some soils that help retain moisture and these are often better for those who have hectic lifestyles. Having your own garden can take a lot of work and if done properly, can become a focal point of your yard. Consider adding in some color to your garden and try to steer clear of same colored flowers. This can add more volume and can allow you to have a garden that is unique and truly your very own.

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