January 4, 2009

Goal of the Month

Bethany at vermillionrules posted about having a goal a month and following through. I think that is a great idea.

As I already posted I want to get more consistant with my Bible reading. I am working on reading it daily. A few years ago I read scripture daily, and it really strengthened my faith. But I got out of the habit. Why not try to come up with your goal of the month?


  1. I'm with you on that kick the soda habit, I know it's SO bad (yet I love it DO much). Let me know when you open that Etsy shop, I'll see if I can highlight it on Champagne Living. Oh...& nagging the husband never worked for me (LOL).

  2. I hope you complete your resolutions!

    Thanks for visiting and entering the APH Winter Bundle!

    There will be more giveaways from the bundle posted tomorrow!

  3. I always resolve...to keep my resolutions...then --- I don't!
    One of mine, would be to eat more healthy foods, and stop being a junk food junkie!!