January 2, 2009


I have loved Tupperware since I was a child. I remember playing with it when we played house. Now that I am "all grown up", I still love it.
Honestly, I joined the Tupperware sales force to get the huge introduction packet at a significant discount. Also I can keep an eye on sales and special discounts.
With the current economic slowdown, it is important to have some food stored for emergencies. What would you do if the president declared a "bank holiday", and the banks were closed for several days? Would you have enough food for you and your family to live comfortably? Also usually it saves money to buy in bulk.
Tupperware is a great storage solution. One big problem with food storage is insects. My tupperware has done a great job protecting my food storage.
If you need any Tupperware, or you just want to see what they offer, please go to my Tupperware website. You can order directly from there, or you can email me to order.

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