November 15, 2010

10 Holiday Survival Tips

Do you ever feel like you just want the holidays to be over? I know many people feel that way. We all know how stressful the holiday season can be. With presents to buy and wrap, cookies to bake, cards to send, decorating to do, etc. we can really miss the meaning of the holidays. Don't you wish you could slow down and focus on the real "Reason for the Season"? I will give you some tips to help.

1. Purchase items online. I buy a lot of things on Black Friday and Cyber Monday online. Amazon always has sales those days. Many other stores have great specials on those days.

2. Wrap presents as you go. It is helpful if you wrap a little at a time. I feel really rushed when I have a lot of wrapping to do at the end. If you wrap a little each day, you won't have to do it all at the end.

3. Prepare some items ahead of time. My mom was working on her cranberry salad last week. She freezes it until Thanksgiving, and that is one less thing to worry about.

4. Purchase items at sales before the Christmas season. That way you don't have to do all your shopping at the end. I buy for Christmas throughout the year.

5. Cut back on buying. For example if you exchange gifts with extended family or friends, set an amount like $25 per gift. That way you know you are spending the right amount.

6. Exchange names instead of buying for everyone on your list. My sister has been wanting to do that, but I have been reluctant because I love to buy for all my nieces and nephews. But it would certainly save a lot of time shopping and wrapping, and it would save money.

7. Cut back on decorating the house. I mean really, how many lights do you need? For those that love decorating, that is great. But if it is just another task you feel you have to do, cut back on the decorations. Remember when Jesus was born, there were no fancy decorations.

8. Cut back on your Christmas card list. If you haven't received a card from someone in years, then scratch their name off your list. For people you see frequently, you could just hand them the card thus saving on postage and finding all those addresses.

9. Share the responsibilities. If you are married, your spouse can help with decorating or wrapping, etc. Don't forget to include your kids in the fun. Let them help you bake cookies.

10. Focus on enjoying the time with your family and friends. You are making memories. Years from now your children may not remember exactly what they got for Christmas, but they will remember the fun times together.

I hope these tips were helpful to make your life easier during the holidays.

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