November 23, 2010

10 tips for Weaving the Hottest Runway Trends

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To promote the sweepstakes, I was asked to post 10 tips for weaving the hottest runway trends into your day-to-day looks. Well, that was difficult for me. As a mom in her 40's, I don't really keep up with the latest fashion trends. But I remember when I did. Try these tips:

1. Look in magazines to see the hottest fashion trends. Many magazines tell where you can get items cheaper. You can be in style without costing an arm and a leg.

2. Read fashion blogs. You can get a lot of info about what is hot right now. Just search "fashion, blog". I read a lot of blogs.

3. Add one new item to an outfit. For example, a stylish scarf can update a suit. Or a new blouse can update a skirt set.

4. Get a pair of boots. They can really update your look. Boots come in many colors and styles. Also there are various heel sizes available.

5. Attend a fashion show to see their latest styles. I suspect that many could be seen on television or the internet.

6. Add some color to your outfit. I like black outfits, but adding some color will brighten your look.

7. My daughter said the "military look" is popular now with camo prints. (At least that is what is popular at her school.)

8. See what the Hollywood "stars" are wearing. They are usually wearing some of the latest fashions.

9. Make sure your clothes are in good repair. Unless you are wearing jeans that are ripped because you bought them that way. ????

10. Don't forget the jewelry. A really cute piece can make an otherwise dull outfit look nice.

The main thing is to be yourself. Granted, you don't want to look like you just stepped out of the 70's, 80's, etc., but you don't have to follow every trend. I hope these tips have helped you think of some ways to find out what are the latest fashions and how to incorporate it into your look.

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