September 9, 2011

Purely American

I wanted to tell you about a great company called Purely American. I found the site through groupon. They have over 80 Storytelling Mixes that include handcrafted bean soup, chili, pasta, and dessert mixes. They are made in Athens, Ohio.

They have great customer service! As you know I traveled to help my sister who is ill. My second groupon had expired. I contacted Purely American and asked if they could extend my groupon. They did it with no questions asked! Now that is good customer service.

My favorite so far is the Minnesota Lake Country Chicken & Wild Rice Soup. It is one of the group of the Slow Cooker Gourmet mixes. It was easy to prepare and tasted delicious.

I was not asked to post this, and I did not receive any compensation for it. I just wanted to tell you about a good company with great customer service. I think we should support the companies that do a good job and are nice. I will certainly be a repeat customer.

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