September 15, 2011

TrueCare Online Monitoring

I had the opportunity to try TrueCare online monitoring. It is a way to monitor your child's online activity. I received some alerts that my son had become a friend of some adults. On further investigation I found that they were kids that had lied about their ages when they signed up. I felt much better knowing there was an additional layer of safety around my child's online activity.

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But remember these points:
Nothing takes the place of being a good parent
TrueCare is a tool to help parents protect their children by staying involved in their social networking activity. It’s not a replacement for all around good parenting.

Parents and children should use TrueCare together
TrueCare provides resources to help parents and kids communicate about the dangers of social networking and encourages parents to involve their children in setting up their TrueCare account. For tips on how to talk to your children about these topics, read over TrueCare’s Family Social Media Agreement.

TrueCare is about educating and protecting, not about spying Parents are only alerted when potentially dangerous posts are found; they don’t see every post their child makes. They’re also encouraged to discuss the alerts with their child and explain why the information they posted may be harmful or concerning.

I would recommend this monitoring service. Sign up for a free 60-day trial at

I received a free trial through BzzAgent. No other compensation was received.

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