August 12, 2010

Blog Copy

Blog Copy is a tool designed to monitor which texts and images readers copy from your blog. It does not copy entire posts or blogs. It traces the copy actions and analyses user retention and engagement, generating detailed statistics based on user behavior. None of the data that BlogCopy monitors can be used to uniquely identify an individual user. Use it to understand which keywords attract more users, but especially to eliminate what hasn't raised anyone's attention. Thanks to their copy-pasting of your content, you can now generate more visits and page views just by taking a look at what exactly they copied from your blog. Then just simply give them more of that.

To install you simply create an account on Blog Copy,then get the code snippet and insert it inside the HTML of your website. Then you can get your BlogCopy stats on your dashboard. The stats are updated near real-time. You can track multiple domains in a single account.

I just installed it on my blog. The great news is it is FREE!

This is a sponsored post.

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