August 4, 2010

Tips for Back to School

Well, it is getting close....the first day of school. My children are both glad and sad. The are glad because they missed their friends and can't wait to see them, but they are sad because they can't sleep in. :) Here are some tips for getting ready for back to school:

1. Start getting on schedule. My kids love to stay up late and sleep late. At least 2 weeks before school starts, I start getting them up a little earlier everyday. Even doing that 6:30 is TOO early!

2. Get school supplies. Look for the sales. I found 10 packs of pencils for 9 cents, a free backpack, free pens, and many more deals. The key is to check the ads in the Sunday paper and to only buy when you get a good deal. And when you find a good deal-stock up!

3. Get clothes for school. Again look for deals. is having a back to school clothing sale now. I bought several things there.

4. Work on some skills. It is normal for kids to get a little "rusty" on their skills in the summer. It is a good idea to get them back into the school/thinking/learning mindset before the go back. We have been working on math facts with division facts cards. They have been doing some school assigned summer reading also.

5. Buy healthy foods for lunches. I have been tying to get more organic products and less processed foods.

HarperCollins has several books for back to school including:
Rules for School
Kindergarten Diary
There's No Place Like School
One Smart Cookie

Don’t forget to share these important back-to-school tips with your children:
Get enough sleep each night.
Eat a healthy breakfast each morning.
Always go to school prepared. It might help to pick out your school outfit, pack your lunch, and organize your backpack the night before so there’s no rushing the next morning.
If you don’t understand something, always ask your teacher.
Try your best at everything you do.

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